Not your usual testing frameworks - QuickCheck and Akka's TestKit

Mar 2, 2015 · Kraków, Poland

This time we'll talk about testing, but not "just testing", but two very interesting subtypes of testing, first - about property based testing using ScalaCheck and then about testing concurrent and/or Actor based code with Akka's TestKit and ScalaTest.
The venue is not yet set, but we'll most likely pick a quiet pub with projector. See you soon!
We're looking for speakers - please email me ([masked]) if you'd like to present about anything Scala related! Advanced as well as beginner talks are accepted. Talks can be in polish or english :-)

Talks on this meetup:
Speaker #1: 
Krzysiek Mędrela works in software house Codibly and most of his time hacks Python. In his free time, he learns Scala as well as functional stuff and attends local user groups. He contributed to the Scala numerical processing library Breeze, and Python web framework Django during Google Summer of Code.
Property based testing for Scala - ScalaCheck
In this talk, we will scratch the surface of property-based testing. We will see how few short property-based tests can replace repetitive unit tests. The speaker will introduce ScalaCheck, a Scala library inspired by Haskell library QuickCheck. We will learn how to use ScalaCheck and integrate it with ScalaTest.

Speaker #2: 
Konrad Malawski, works at Typesafe on the Akka team. Founded a bunch of user groups in Kraków, co-runs the annual GeeCON conference and is a huge fan of reading computer science whitepapers at
Testing concurrent, actor based or clustered applications with Akka Testkit and ScalaTest
We'll talk about testing concurrent apps. What pitfalls to avoid, and which ones you should actually openly invite into your tests. We'll also touch upon Actor testing patterns and testing clustered application across multiple nodes in a cluster - all using ScalaTest and Akka's TestKit. Happy hakking!

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