ng-wroclaw #15

May 19, 2016 · Wrocław, Poland

Hi All,

Polish/English - it all depends on you (the audience)...

Just a few days before the second long-weekend in May - another Angular meeting is about to happen.

A lot is happening in the world of AngularJS. Do you know that Angular2 RC was released on May 2nd? How cool is that? Are you excited?

Wouldn't that be a great idea if we discuss how cool/lame Angular2 is?

Suggestion - discussion panel on Angular2:

If you love Angular2 and can't wait for the final version - contact me.

If you think that Angular2 is a mistake (not just because it shares only name with Angular 1.x), you're not convinced that this is the way a modern framework should be build (or you think that there is no need for frameworks at all) - contact me as well.

I think we could have a quite nice "hot" discussion on Angular2 from 2 perspectives pictured above.

Scheduled talks:

1. Your first Angular project/How to start with Angular? - Maciej Talaśka

2. How to use TypeScript decorators to. avoid Angular 1.x boilerplate code - Arek Zając

3. ** your talk **?

Lightning talks:

1. ?

2. ?

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