1. Identity & Trust for ESG + 2. Sharing knowledge without sharing data

Mar 15, 2022 · Stuttgart, Germany

- Intro and round of introduction
- 1. "Identity & Trust for ESG" by Susanne + Carsten, Spherity GmbH
- 2. "Sharing knowledge without sharing data", by Tejo, CEO of Utpatti

---------- Presentation 1 ----------
Title: Identity & Trust for ESG – W3C Open Standards, Zero Trust Architecture, IDunion, Gaia-X and Ecosystem Leadership

Short description:
When governments are designing new policies for ESG (Environmental Social Governance), they must consider how a "digital trust and verification backbone" could be put in place to support policy enforcement with scalable and fully automated digital tools. Such a digital backbone is needed to enable verifiability at scale for use cases such as circularity, green energy/hydrogen, product carbon footprint, product provenance, trusted release, supplier/customer compliance, anti-bribery, labour rights any many more.

Such a digital backbone needs to be built upon open standards, an ecosystem trust framework, identity and verifiable credentials. This presentation will explain how such a digital backbone can be stablished, introduce some of the ongoing activities in BMWi, IDunion and Gaia-X and shares lots of insights about critical success factors.

Speaker: Carsten Stöcker, CEO Spherity GmbH, Dr. Susanne Guth-Orlowski, Chief Innovation & Solution Officer at Spherity

Dr. Carsten Stöcker is founder of Spherity GmbH. Spherity is a scalable decentral identity cloud platform for the fourth industrial revolution providing secure identities bridging the physical, biological, and digital spheres. Spherity’s focus is on secure and compliant data exchange, provenance, and audit trails in regulated industries such as Energy, Pharma and Food. The longer term focus of Spherity is to provide product passports and provenance solutions for the circular economy. Carsten is a physicist by training with a Ph.D. from the University of Aachen. He also served as a Council Member of Global Future Network for the World Economic Forum. Prior to founding Spherity GmbH, Dr. Stöcker worked for innogy SE, DLR and Accenture. Spherity is an active participant in IDunion and Gaia-X. We have operational solutions in US for the Pharma Supply Chain.
Twitter: @CarstenStoecker, @SpherityProject

Dr. Susanne Guth-Orlowski is Chief Innovation & Solution Officer at Spherity – a digital identity company. Her background is in security technology and she has 20 years hands-on, technical experience in cryptography Today, Susanne is consulting companies on how to define IT-Security products & services and bring them to market. She is a strong believer that technology can help reach the climate goals and is currently engaged in defining the technical concepts for a digital, decentralised product passport to enable better recycling and reuse of products.

---------- Presentation 2 ----------
Title: Sharing knowledge without sharing data
Description: We envision a world where every connected machine learns together with its peers to predict machine failures that it hasn't even experienced. But, developing open ecosystems with trust between competing entities is a hard problem to crack. We are looking at the problem from a diametrically opposite point of view, and asking ourselves:

- Is there a way to share knowledge without sharing data?
- If so, what can we achieve with such a solution?
- How can we utilize the power of Decentralised AI to realise the full potential of Machine Data in such a framework?

In this talk we will delve into the idea of Decentralised AI and its specific application to Predictive Maintenance. We will look into how we can utilize data across competing entities without the need for transfer of the data to a centralised location, yet yield similar results.

Speaker: Dr. Tejo Chalasani
Dr. Tejo Chalasani is the co-founder and CEO of Utpatti. The team at utpatti is creating a SaaS product that can be an answer to the modern predictive maintenance problems in smart factories around the globe. They recently completed Bosch’s Startup Harbour program and are working with Bosch on their first PoC.

Contact: https://www.utpatti.ai, [masked]

Target audience for both speeches: All people engaging in ecosystem innovation & collaboration, industry 4.0, identity & trust, ESG compliance and circular economy.

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