ML Sleuth And The Functional Design Lumenaires

Aug 15, 2017 · Pyrmont, Australia

We've got two amazing F# Luminaries speaking. Both are authors, one an MVP -- Scott Wlashin (Functional Arthurian Hero) & Mathias Brandlewinder (MVP).

Scott Wlashin (F# For Fun And Profit Folk Hero)

Heard on function street, "Is that the same Scott who created F# For Fun And Profit?" Yes, it is! Google "F#", and 4th down is "Why use F#?" on Scott's site. This isn't the case of sneaky SEO, but the result of Scott's tireless mission of promoting F# and functional ideas. Scott is great at taking in different perspectives and enriching those he engages with right through to his speciality: enterprise architecture. Scott probably has the missing stepping stone from where you are now, to a complete functional appreciation, without the academically acidic aftertaste.

btw: Scott's book, Understanding Functional Programming will be published in the not too distant future.

Mathias Brandlewinder (MVP & Data Sleuth)

Mathias is going to enlighten us about how his team used F# to submit an entry in the Home Depot Kaggle Search Relevance competition. The meta flow+zen side to Mathias' talk will be on how programming machine learning solutions differ to regular programming, and how you can become more productive, and fulfilled as a programmer. By day, Mathias consults in the valley (the one in San Fran., not the Hunter region).

btw: Mathias wrote a book called Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers 

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