Meetup #35 - TDD and WASM

Oct 23, 2019 · Beograd, Serbia

We are back with our 35th meetup. Two excellent presentations for this meetup are:

1. "TDD. Launch can not wait! Let's write tests." by Radomir Đoković.
2. "WebAssembly: How And Why" by Milica Mihajlija.


1. TDD. Launch can not wait! Let's write tests. by Radomir Đoković

Test driven development (TDD) has become standard. Writing tests in right way can make difference between delivering high quality code on time and a catastrophic failure. However in practice we usually don't apply TDD at all or make some crucial mistakes when doing so. Let's focus on mistakes we frequently make. Why do we repeat them? How can we fix those when it's not only up to us?

We will cover:
1. Story about my interview project:
- How TDD saved me big delay in short term project.
- How this would effect on bigger projects?
2. Why sometimes we don't write tests? How it slow us down?
- In order to deliver faster we sometimes don't write tests.
- How it actually slow us down?
- What other problems it makes?
- Why sometimes we claim to use TDD, but actually we don't.
- What frequent mistakes we make.
3. Basic concepts of TDD
4. Good practices:
- Anti-patterns in testing
- Test coverage - How to decide where to write tests?
- How to write tests easier, faster and more reusable?
5. Helpers in testing:
- Helpers and libraries that will improve your test writing.
- Few simple NodeJS examples.
6. Summary:
- Let's not repeat same mistake.
- Write tests, write them by TDD and write them properly.
- Learn more about good practices, helpers and libraries.
- Improve your code by adding tests/refactoring old tests.

Radomir is full stack web developer and works at Toptal as a freelancer. He gained experience in companies like SAP, Microsoft, think-cell and Embroker. Radomir enjoys working with ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL and MongoDB, but doesn't strictly stick to those.

You'll often find him acting, playing guitar etc. and trying to convince people to use agile methodology in all those fields.


2. WebAssembly: How And Why by Milica Mihajlija

How to run languages that are NOT JavaScript in the browser, why would you do that, and what does it mean for the future of web development? If you just smile and nod at the mention of binary and compilation targets, this talk is for you. Exciting real-world applications and implications included.

Think about cases where you need to use software outside of the browser: video games, 3D rendering, music production and more. These things require a high degree of performance and that’s where WebAssembly steps in — a standardized compilation target for languages that are good at this kind of stuff. All major browsers support it and they are steadily working on adding new features.

There’s a lot of buzz around WebAssembly, but most of it forgets to mention why is it even important and what are the benefits for regular front-end developers. This gentle, illustrated guide into WebAssembly aims to set that straight. In this session you’ll learn:

- how WebAssembly works,
- why we need it,
- and how you can benefit from it in your next project.

Milica is a web developer from Serbia and she is currently writing for Google about performance optimizations. Before that, she was an intern at Mozilla where she worked on Servo, an experimental browser engine. She’s also a Mozilla Tech Speaker and a big believer in the open web, always exploring new technologies that are moving it forward, like WebAssembly and WebVR.


This meetup will be in English and there's no live streaming.

RSVP is mandatory because we have limited number of seats.

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