MaGESpire HK - Blockchain Tokenomics Series Episode#1: Rublix

Mar 23, 2018 · , Hong Kong

Blockchain Tokenomics Series Episode#1: Rublix - Where Prediction Markets and Social Trading converge

Event Organizer(s): Bowie Kryptos (MaGESpire)


• Focus of the Event?:
Our Main Presenter and Sponsor of this Event - RUBLIX (

Rublix is developing a unique ecosystem for investors, traders and market professionals - A place where reputation and accuracy dominates. Founded in Canada, Rublix has expanded their operations and relocated their headquarters to Singapore with Asian growth in mind. CEO of Rublix, Mr. David Waslen, will be the guest speaker to talk about this exciting project and will be flying in from Singapore.

• What we'll do?:
Come join us to learn about and share exciting developments in Blockchain space where Tokenization is re-shaping business models. Of course, we understand that events are enjoyable when they come with Food and/or Beverages and we will endeavour to have soft drinks/light refreshments sponsored to incentivize early birds (i.e., people who turn up first and on time at our Event(s)) and kick off our Event(s) with chill and style!

• Why?:
Our main focus will be on better understanding and gaining insights into how Blockchain technology enables such varied Tokenomic models to work and facilitate/foster the emergence and healthy development of vibrant ecosystems and communities around such innovative concepts/ ideas/paradigms.

• What we would like you to bring to the event?:
An open mind, positive attitude, good questions and some cheer that can help foster a healthy discussion, exchange, and interaction on the topic of our Event(s).

It goes without saying that respectful and meaningful interactions underpin any social forum and our Event(s)/Meetup(s) are no exception. We appreciate and value your support to attend our Event(s) and we'd like to let you know that by agreeing to attend our Event(s)/Meetup(s), you explicitly agree/acknowledge/consent to the below:

- Conflict of Interest - We request you to assume that some or all of the participants at our Event(s) may have personal, commercial or other connections involving the Event Organizer(s) which may lead to several possible conflicts of interests or bias w.r.t. your perspective as a participant in the event. You are requested and expected to form your own independent thoughts, views, judgments and conduct independent research and/or consult independent advisers/consultants/counsel as you may deem fit and you will take full responsibility for any interactions/decisions/consequences (personal, commercial or otherwise) that may impact you.

- Data Privacy, Copyrights, Trademarks & Intellectual Properties - We may collect data/information at our Event(s) (including but limited to thoughts, concepts or views shared via Audio/Visuals, pictures, videos, media, attendance lists, forms, etc.) and, you acknowledge and consent to our broad right to freely use and share such data/information as we deem fit. We do not intend to misuse such data or violate your Data Privacy or infringe any Copyrights, Trademarks and/or Intellectual Properties. If you feel or discover that we have inadvertently done so, please inform us and we will do our best to remedy such situations.

- Financial Advice/Services and Investment Solicitation - At our Event(s), we do not intend to market or sell or solicit to invest in or purport to provide financial advice whatsoever to participants w.r.t. investing in ICOs or Token sales or other Investment Opportunities at our event. However, we are mindful of our limits as Event Organizer(s) and are aware that we won't be able to prevent interested persons from engaging in such conversations at or near our Event(s). Please do note that if you choose to participate in such conversations it will be at your own risk and discretion and as Event Organizer(s) we will not liable or responsible in any way for any issues whatsoever that may arise from such interactions.

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