LNUG #65 - August 2017

Aug 23, 2017 · London, United Kingdom

Speakers this month: 

• Anna Doubkova 

• Bruno Godefroy

• Zaiste

We will also open the floor for community announcements and announcing job opportunities and availability. 

Node microservices at Pizza Hut 
Anna Doubkova

Abstract Pizza Hut website is powered by a system of 20+ microservices, all docker-ised and running in AWS. What challenges did we meet while writing it? How do you maintain, develop for, and test a system with extremely high availability on such a scale? It's a bit like juggling twenty fragile glass balls while riding a bicycle. Nevertheless, it's a surprisingly reliable way of delivering the best user experience, and pizza, to our users.

More info I'll introduce our (complex) infrastructure and will talk a bit more about challenges we have faced and how we solved them.

Splitting logic into microservices; changes made into several microservices at once & deployment.Testing our huge products API; running over 20000 unit tests on one microservice, we need to micro-optimise.Making sure it actually works; a system of logging, monitoring, and support

About me I'm a software engineer at Pizza Hut (contractor), speaker, node and react developer. Previously worked at Red Badger and Time Out. I recently spoke at JeffConf, React London 2017, several meetups. Twitter handler: @lithinn

Do not yield to javascript generators! 

Abstract Have you ever found yourself completely lost in front of a yield statement? What is this? Where does my promise go? How come I get the result back?

Generators are widely used amoung Node and javascript libraries to enable developers to write powerful code in a simple way.

I will try to answer all these questions and we will recreate together the co library that is used, for example, in Koajs.

I would then like to go into a step by step decomposition of redux-saga to understand how this wonderful library uses generators.

A bit about me I'm a full stack developer at Theodo UK, a web agency in central London. We help our clients to solve their business problems through code. Our clients range from young startups to large corporates. Twitter: @switcher7707

Rapid web development with Huncwot & Marko 

Abstract Huncwot is an opinionated & minimal Node.js (yet another) web framework, slightly inspired by Clojure and built for ES6/7 era with « batteries included » approach. It tries to formalize conventions and eliminate choices by providing solid defaults for building web applications that increase the programmers productivity. In this talk we'll explore how to build an application with Huncwot, what it brings to the table and how to make (web) programming more approachable, especially to non-programmers.

A bit about me I run a software company called Nukomeet. In my spare time I organise PolyConf. Twitter: @zaiste

Interested in speaking? 
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