Living The Fable: On Building Portable UI

May 24, 2017 · Pyrmont, Australia

Brief: create UI experiences on multiple platforms, not only on the web but also on mobile (React Native) and desktop (Github Electron) with fluidly written, background-checked F# and the magic of the Fable transpiler. Instantly see visual the effect of your changes using hot reloading.

In More Detail:

The JavaScript "typed" scene is evolving. There are a few approaches out there now. Alfonso Garcia, the creator of Fable, is going to help us (over Skype) to understand how to target multiple platforms using the JavaScript ecosystem, and the power of F#. 

Behind the scenes, Fable leverages the awesome BabelJS to do the final readable JavaScript stage. Some teams at places like Facebook use BabelJS as part of their pipeline, too. It's a solid direction, which holds a lot of promise.

Currently, Fabel use is most prevalent in the ReactJS setting.

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    The F# programming language is like a typed Python. The F# language was carefully crafted to have the ease of a scripted language, without run-time wait-and-see surprises.  With F#, you also get the instant REPL feedback which we normally associated interpreted languages. So, you get more action with less fuss... and you get to keep that sure-footed certainty, without getting clumsy. At least ...

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