Lightning Talks

Dec 6, 2011 · Morrisville, United States of America

In a timeslot of 90 minutes, on December 6th, Agile RTP will host lightning talks. What are lightning talks?? • They are a fantastic tool to spread the word about a COOL NEW TOOLS, METHODS, or IDEAS!!!! Hint: there will be an ordered backlog of talks, with the shortest talk listed at the top of the backlog!  Slides are optional (and if you do slides, you only have to do 3 or less.) How? • Need a volunteer to order the backlog of talks. • Need a volunteer timekeeper to keep us to the 5 minute allotted time per talk.  • Plan to make your point, explain this point as quickly as possible. • Because you're time boxed to 5 minutes, make your point in the first minute, add background data from minute 2 onwards vs starting with background material. • Details don't matter: remember you have only 5 minutes, keep to the details that are absolutely necessary to explain your point only. • Practice - present it to a colleague to realize the sections that can be cut out or replaced. • Slides: if you must have them, stick to 3.   • Conclude your talk, reaffirming your point. Why? • Maybe you don't have much to say, but it's really important point (perhaps ask a question, invite people to check out your project, or tell a short 'gotcha' story that will help out the next person.) • You can start small - you don't need to make slides, and if you do decide to make slides, you only need to make a couple. • Sharing in public makes you nervous.  Lots easier to plan for and share a 5 minutes! • You did a really great thing in the last project and somehow this point got lost in the end of release celebration. • A long talk on the same subject can be a waste of time  (Lightning talks are over in 5 minutes or less!) • If there's something that we want to learn more about, we'll have made the contact in only 5 minutes or less. What could I share in 5 minutes? New approach – you’ve solved a need – something that would benefit us include…. • Why my favorite screencast software is ....  • Does anyone want to help me on my project? Here's where I'm stuck!   • Successful Project: I am boasting and here's how you can benefit! • Failed Project: I am crying about my failed project, and this is what you can learn!   • Would it be cool if ….. • Someone needs to ….. • Why this tool … awful. • Why this is a cool technique….

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