Lightning Talks! ⚡⚡⚡

May 24, 2018 · Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi all, We'll be organizing some lightning talks at Amazon HQ in Amsterdam!
Having many different topics is in theory interesting for the attendees, but also for speakers it can be more "doable" to prepare something of short duration as opposed to a full-length hour long talk, and it's a nice way to practice presenting.

To anyone interested in giving a short talk about something around the topic of C++: you would very welcome and please let us know. =) You can also leave suggestions for others if you don't want to give a talk yourself.

For example a lightning talk can be 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. And also in whatever format suits you. You can use slides, no slides, just show some code, do a quiz/etc..
Last time we did this in 2016 the atmosphere was really friendly, you view it as an example:

Already a few people have expressed interest in giving a talk, once the list has grown a bit I will update it here in the description.

### Talks ###

Not for all talks I have full titles yet, but here is the list so far. If I forgot to add anyone please remind me, it is definitely a mistake in that case.

- Michael - Selene: Image representation and I/O in C++14 (15 mins)
- Petar - math-linear-algebra library c+11/14 (10 mins)
- Chiel - Modular Allocators
- Niels - C++ and Embedded development as a student
- Orest - Argument Dependent Lookup (20 mins)
- Sagar - exception of *no naked new* rule
- Oleksandr - CMake
- Andrei - CMake
- Albert - Type erasure, the magic behind std::function (15mins)
- Ray - Creating a composable class with variadic templates (10mins)

I know of a at least two people who are considering preparing something so the list will probably grow a bit more, and still we could use a few extra talks!

### When & Where ###

Thursday 24th of May
The address:
Amazon Development Center The Cloud Amsterdam
Meester Treublaan 7, 1097 DP Amsterdam
Google maps link:

Many thanks to Amazon for hosting us!

19:00 - doors open, time for networking, food, drinks
20:00 - start w/ intro and Lightning talks (with breaks in between)
21:30 - last drinks
22:00 - the end
(Tentative: details to this may change!)

Event organizers
  • The Dutch C++ Group

    The C++ community is pretty awesome: the people, the great diversity of projects, cool libraries, the many language developments, etc. This group is created to exchange knowledge & ideas via talks, discussions and socializing. Also it's a good excuse to just have a very interesting and fun evening every one or two Months. Help, ideas or other contributions are all very welcome! If you want to organize something in a different city than we have so far (Amsterdam) or have other suggestions, please leave

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