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Teachers at academic institutes give high importance to narrative essay writing. Some students take it as a burdensome and overwhelming job to do while others enjoy writing this kind of essay. Students who lack interest in writing essays always ask other students to write my essay for me while other students enjoy themselves while explaining their life experiences with others.

Narrative essay is an art of telling a story in the form of a five-paragraph essay. As its name implies that a writer has to narrate any personal life experience he had faced in his life previously. That personal incident or event must be of some importance. As you’re a student and at the initial stage of writing, you must keep in mind that you have to give something creative, unique, informative and helpful to your reader so that he loves to read the complete essay.

Some students consider writing a Narrative essay is a simple task and think of doing it with their eyes shut. Let me assure you here that it is not the case entirely. Narrating a story in a significant and meaningful way requires high standard writing skills from a writer. A writer has to involve all the senses of a reader by grabbing his full attention in the content. This essay is about drawing a vivid picture of the scene or incident in a way that the reader starts feeling the situation. Make him see the situation by drawing the picture in your writing content with the help of evocative words.

Grabbing attention of the reader and then maintaining it is the key to write unique and presentable content. For this purpose, a writer has to make his introductory paragraph strong and luring one. Before you commence to learn how to write a handy introduction, you must know the importance of Brainstorming as both are inextricably linked with each other.

Brainstorming is a process of provoking ideas in a writer’s mind about the topic. It arouses different ideas, thoughts, and suggestions related to the topic which may be relevant or less relevant. Once, you’re done with this step, you’ve to go for making a creative outline. In this step a writer removes and adds all the unnecessary and important points respectively.

Assuming you’re done with both the aforementioned steps, you can now write a top-echelon introduction. The introductory paragraph of a Narrative essay is different than that of other essay types. In a Narrative essay, a writer has to write a powerful opening statement which is also known as a “Hook statement”. A hook statement is the first sentence or the first two sentences of the essay. It has different kinds among which one can be used to attract a reader towards reading the entire essay.

A hook statement has a unique significance in essay writing. There are different kinds of hook including question hook, quotation hook, anecdote hook, and statistic hook. You can use any kind of hook while writing an introductory paragraph. Remember, it must be relevant to the topic. Irrelevant hooks leave a negative impact on the reader's mind about the writer’s thoughts and ideas. Moreover, if you’re using a quotation hook, avoid using another quotation in the introductory paragraph.

Now, another important thing that all neophyte writers must understand and learn before they commence to write an introduction of a Narrative essay is writing a “thesis statement”. It is different than that of all other types of essays. It doesn’t consist of a central idea or the main idea like it is written in other types of essays rather it is the action related to the situation which is going to be mentioned in detail in the next paragraph that is the main idea. A writer has to write the thesis statement in a Narrative essay which must bring full curiosity in the reader’s mind so that he gets curious to find out more about the action.

As a student you must start learning all the tips mentioned in this article to write a top-tier narrative essay.

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