KSEA-SC & SBC startup Pitch night

Nov 1, 2016 · Los Angeles, United States of America

KSEA-SC & SBC startup Pitch night

-Program to Connect KSEA-SC and Korean Small & Medium Business

We are happy to announce a great opportunity to work with Korean Small & Medium Business. We will have a dinner meeting to connect interested KSEA-SC members and Korean Small & Medium Business for networking and future collaboration through matching individual expertise with the need of Korean companies. This event is sponsored by SBC(Small and medium Business Corporation http://www.sbc.or.kr and Design Accelerator http://www.daccel.com

This is the first general meeting to introduce the effort so please feel free to join us for information.

Time: 5:30PM, Oct. 31 (Monday), 2016.
Location: The Oxford Palace Hotel Gallery hall, Address: 745 S Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 389-8000, website: http://www.oxfordhotel.com/ 

5:30 pm to 6:00 pm Check In, Networking
6:00 pm to 6:30 pm Introducing the program and Attendees
6:30 pm to 7:00 pm Kstartup Presentation, Q & A
7:00 pm to 7:30 pm LA startup Presentation, Q & A 
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Dinner, Networking

Register : https://kseasc.eventbrite.com 

SBC Kstartups

1.  Additor http://additor.io/

Additor is the digital alchemy for you and your team,making scattered information into well-organized content. Turn your or your team's uncontrolled information into well-organized and visualized content. Take the advantage of machine-learned knowledge management.

2. Artda http://www.artda.co.kr/ 

Artda is a media art online market platform which can help artists to sell their artworks to the public online. By using the service, the artists can display and sell their precious artworks online very easily, while potential customers can appreciate nice artwork and even buy them online at a reasonable price.

3. CCG. http://www.ccgkorea.co.kr/

CUVIEW supports CPU programming and GPU parallel programming at once for developing the software of machine learning. 

4. Unusual. http://cleanty.me/ 

CLEANTY is a compacted portable UVC LED sterilizer which exterminate bacteria with a stroke of light in a matter of seconds.It sterilizes everything that you can imagine; All of your belongings. Your environment will be bacteria free with simple and compact CLEANTY 

5. Itdot.  http://itdot.strikingly.com/ 

itdot makes chainless-bicycle-gearing-system called Sunflower Gear that running with a shaft instead of chain normal bicycles using. There are lots of products already out there in the market using shaft as chainless, but these products have to have a gearing system(hub gear) which is using many parts and gears to change gear ratio. However, Sunflower Gear has only two main parts, round disc and movable pinion, to transmit the gear ratio. So it can be simple and light weight compare to normal chain-driven and shaft-driven bicycle. 

6. Mustardseed. http://helen-song.strikingly.com/  

Moment is the compound word of mom and moment which stands for Seize your precious mom’s moment with your baby. We make multipurpose baby bags for trendy moms. The benefit to mom is we both satisfies the needs of multi-function storage and modern fashion styling. We are different from the competition because I’m a mom of 2, have 10-years’ experience in Fashion Mechanizing and Marketing and our manufacturer is a bag specialist over 30 years career. we are ready to fulfill the needs of stylish moms throughout the world. 

7. WRD. http://www.weirdy.co/ 

We make compact motorsports events for motorsports fans and event organizers with easier-access racing events. People can drive the RC cars with the first point of view feeling the engine sound and the high speed. They can start racing right away with a little budget based on our wireless communication device and simulator that deliver the real car dynamics 

8. Maihue. http://www.maihue.co.kr/  

Maihue is a company that makes various-bib for parents, and baby supplies(swaddle, muslin etc).Our company has developed products for parents and babies in the world. So, We seek to give comfort & Safety & to the baby and parents.

9. Promisope. http://www.promisope.com/  

Careple is a health data management and analysis platform. By collecting and analyzing health data, careple provides a personalized cure according to one’s health state. Careple also helps patients to find doctors, therapists, caregivers, or other patients by its recommendation system to get better treatment outcome. 

10. Sum. http://sumco-watchgame.strikingly.com/ ;

Sum Inc. makes casual games for the smart watch especially for Apple Watch. We aim to 1% of 13 million people who have Apple Watch and provide light and easy games with our own characters for them. We have a professional and dedicated team, development know-how for the WatchOS. With the strength, we provide diverse games.

11. Nonningan  http://nonningan.strikingly.com/  ;

Nonningan provides two away service for the people who are willing to pay for leisure and the leisure masters who want to make business by providing their leisure program. We, build up the master's contents based on their character and programe after internal reviewing by staff. Each masters will received Human branding and management service from our service and the customers can access to various high quality contents and will have reliable curation by us. We service We provide management services to the master and provides O2O service to the customer.

12.Bonebre.  http://www.bonebre.com  

Bonebre is a wearable device with facilitation, which uses is a physical therapeutic technique using vibration. Once the user wears it directly on the body, it will sense the imbalance in spinal joint and send a vibration to stimulate the spine and muscles people don’t use a lot in daily lives. That stimulation will assist in correcting the spinal posture and induce bilateral symmetric abdominal breathing with the breathing training function.

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