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JVM++: The GraalVM

Feb 16, 2017 · Bruxelles, Belgium

Hi everybody!

The saying is that if you have an IT problem, it is very unlikely to be solved by inventing a new language.
But, if you had to, wouldn't it be great if you could rely on the two decades of work that have been invested in the JVM?

Come and learn about this rising project and how it could benefit to you or your favorite language on the JVM.

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The Hotspot JVM already provides a lot of runtime optimizations for Java applications. However this is not the case when we want to execute Ruby or JavaScript code in the JVM, for example. The Graal VM is an Oracle Labs research project that aims to improve the runtime compilation of the JVM in order to bring the performance of Java to interpreted languages. It also provides support for the Java compiler API targeted for Java 9 (proposed as JEP243). The talks dives into the Graal VM by examining its architecture and how it aims to boost the performance of the JVM. The Truffle API provided for developers willing to develop their own language running on Graal is detailed further along with some recent benchmarks on a few currently supported language implementations. The concepts are clarified with a few demos demonstrating how does the Graal VM work.

About the speaker

Martin Toshev is a Java enthusiast working through his company called CoffeeCupConsulting and one of the board members of the Bulgarian Java Users group (BG JUG). He is a certified Java professional (SCJP6) and a certified IBM cloud computing solution advisor. His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies (such as Servlets, JSP, JAXB, JAXP, JMS, JMX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Liferay Portal and Eclipse RCP), cloud computing technologies, cloud-based software architectures, enterprise application integration, relational and NoSQL databases. You can reach him for any Java and FOSS-related topics (especially Eclipse and the OpenJDK). Martin is a regular speaker at Java conferences and helps with the organization of the jPrime conference in Bulgaria (http://jprime.io/).

Event organizers
  • BruJUG

    The Java platform and its ecosystem is more vibrant than ever. Brussels is a great city full of talent. Mix both, and you'll get the BruJUG, a local Java User Group where passionate Java developers can, for FREE, attend presentations given by passionate speakers. Our stage is open to technology experts, developer advocates, but also to any of you willing to share parts of his/her knowledge with the crew.

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