jOOQ as an alternative to ORM & Spring Cloud Config-how to make life easier

Jan 10, 2018 · Rzeszów, Poland

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- Talk #1: "jOOQ as an alternative to ORM" by Piotr Hendzel

Debates about the usefulness of ORM have been going on for the last decade. While people tend to agree that JPA solves a lot of problems very well, others might say that the Object Relational Mapping is an overkill for data-centric apps.The truth is that Hibernate has become a standard in the Java ecosystem.

I would like to tell you that there exists an alternative in the Java world. Something that outshines JPA in multiple, specific situations. I mean jOOQ. What is it? When should I use it? Why? That's a really good question - which is also the subject of this presentation. I will try to tell you how to live without ORM and when should we abandon it in favour of JOOQ.

Bio: Enthusiast of Java. Junior Java Developer at JCommerce. He likes experimenting with new technologies, not just the popular ones. Personally, addicted to Netflix.

- Talk #2: "Spring Cloud Config-how to make life easier" by Łukasz Kuzio

Nowadays more and more projects are implemented following the microservices architecture. They use some fancy tools like Spring Cloud Config to remotely manage configuration. But what if you are convicted to work with legacy project ? Doesn't matter- you can use it here as well. I'll present how easy is to use Spring Cloud Config together with Spring Boot and Spring Web MVC.

Bio: A JVM world enthusiast , advocate of simplicity and automation. Addicted to coffee and good industry literature. In the meantime he likes to play with embedded systems or ride a bike.

See you soon!
Natalia, RJUG Team

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