JHB: Habit Driven Design / Progressive Web Apps /Functioning Without Servers

Feb 13, 2018 · Sandton, South Africa

· Welcome (start 16h30)
· Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10 min -Thiren Bunsee
· Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min - Nico Botha
· Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min - Mike Geyser

Title: Functioning Without Servers

Recently the term Serverless has been has been at the forefront of the discussion around new system architectures. How will this compute model effect the way we think about infrastructure? What benefit does it hold for developers? This talk will go over how Serverless compute fits into the cloud relative to the IaaS and PaaS compute models. I will also discuss the experiences, both good and bad, that Encentivize has had while using this new and exciting method of compute over the past 3 years.

Facilitator: Thiren Bunsee

Thiren is a Software Engineer working at Encentivize. He's passionate about the ever-evolving cloud compute space and wants nothing more than to build great software products using the latest and greatest technologies. When not preoccupied with developing software and researching about company culture and its impact on employee behavior, he enjoys learning about history and the lessons it has to teach us.

Title: Habit Driven Design

Usage of any tech product on a regular basis creates habits among its users. Habits are created spontaneously without the user noticing it. If these habits are not carefully thought out (and the product specifically designed to drive certain habits) user habits can get out of control. This talk will give you some insight into the concept of habit driven design (HDD). How do the products we use daily dictate our habits? Why is it important to design for specific human behaviour? Come and challenge yourself as we journey into the world of user habits and software.

Facilitator: Nico Botha

I am a software engineer at Entelect. During long train rides to work, I like to enrich myself with reading books (about anything). I am fascinated by the psychology of user behaviour, especially when software is involved. I am passionate about mountaineering and like to spend my weekends conquering remote trails.

Title: Progressive Web Apps - What are they and why should you care?

The hype is real. When the excitement about a technology reaches fever-pitch, it becomes difficult to separate the signal from the noise. In the case of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), it's become very difficult to pin down exactly what they are. Are they indeed the 'next big thing'™ or are they just another fashion trend. Will life carry on if you let the PWA train pass you by, or should you be paying attention?
This talk will explain what PWAs are, and what they are not. It will detail the design patterns, technologies and philosophies that they are composed of. Finally, it will look at real world usage trends, for both web and mobile, and attempt to answer the burning question: should you care about PWAs?

Facilitator: Mike Geyser

Mike Geyser is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, working in the R&D team at BBD. He is a co-organiser of the Jozi.JS and Docker Johannesburg meetup groups, and is a frequent technical speaker. He has been hacking on the web since GeoCities was a 'thing', and has the keening wail of dialup modem etched into his subconscious. While he is fluent in several ‘golden hammer’ programming languages, he has a long-lived love affair with JavaScript, and cannot see its (many, obvious) flaws. He has worked on lots of interesting enterprise applications, but it is the challenges of the public web that really appeal to him - having spent his formative years building transactional websites. He is always eager to talk about the web platform, but be warned, he is prone to hyperbole.

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