Jason van Zyl presents "Does Maven have a future?"

Jul 18, 2013 · Murray, United States of America

5:30 - 6:00 Pizza and Drinks

6:00 - 8:00 Does Maven Have a Future? - Jason van Zyl
Location http://ujug.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=55
After the Presentation : Resume and Interview Workshop - Matt Walton of Parallel HR

Does Maven Have a Future?
The future of Maven will be decided by its users. Maven has a large user base, the use of dependency management in Java builds has become the norm, but Maven has numerous competitors that have been developed over the years: Ant/Ivy, Buildr, Gradle and SBT. Can Maven adapt to the needs and desires of its users? Or will it fall to the wayside to one of the new builds systems? Maven has stagnated over the last couple years and I believe the path to rejuvenation is to return Maven to the initial state that gave rise to it. The Apache Software Foundation is a great home for a stable, widely used project but has drawbacks when trying to move quickly, adapt, and communicate on the intimate level required to hammer out a new product. I think that innovation is possible for Maven and that it can come in the form of Tesla. Where Github can be its home, I can release five times a day if I wish, and I can make radical changes if intense amounts of feedback drive a solution in a particular direction.
Tesla is intended to be a superset of Maven's capabilities. I would prefer to not have a fork, and intend for Tesla to be completely compatible with Maven. I have a few core modifications in Maven right now but intend to push those back to Maven if they are accepted at Apache. In fact, it may all end up back at Apache but that will not how be Tesla will start. I am also interested in the relationship between the build system and repository manager, the build system and CI, and how all these systems tie together to help create new forms of continuous delivery that are not possible because the individual tools are missing some capabilities and the integration between these systems are generally weak and have been cobbled together over time.
Tesla is going to be my first attempt to develop an Open Source project using the lean methodology. Last year I had the great pleasure of meeting Ash Maurya when he delivered a two day workshop at Sonatype showing us how to to leverage the techniques in his book Running Lean. I love the ideas Ash presented for developing production and bringing new ideas to fruition and I want to employ his techniques for developing Tesla. I am very greatful to have the whole session at the UJUG on July 18th and if you're interested in Maven and the future of software delivery in the Java space in general, then this session might be of interest to you. The first part of the session will be an explanation and demonstration of the ideas that I currently have, and the second part hopefully will be an intense discussion where users want to see the tooling go. I will use this feedback to determine how much time I spend on Tesla as I have no desire to build something no one wants. I have a thick skin, so feel free to bring all Maven complaints :-)

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