Is Blockchain Tech Colonizing? How to Be Mindful Now & in Future

Apr 25, 2018 · San Francisco, United States of America

With any new technology, there is power.

As we build new systems of interaction and transaction, how do we consider not only the implications of what we're building, but also the ways by which we consciously and unconsciously take from others?

The future may include leaner supply chains, autonomous and machine-driven work, and a greater role of technology in governance.

How can we be mindful of how we use blockchain technology for the betterment of humanity while remaining ethical and in relationship with others?

How can we end colonization and create a new story?

To start, we'll kick off with Daisy Ozim doing a foundational talk about colonization and what that means from a historical perspective leading up to today - weaving the importance of this timely conversation.

This discussion will include your questions and be an inclusive dialogue, exploring the edges of technology as it relates to diversity, inclusion, and equity of all now and in the future.

The panel includes a serial social entrepreneur and mom, a social justice designer, an environmental lawyer, and city councilman, and an author who explores value exchange and distribution in her work:

Speakers include:

Anastasia Miron
Challenging the status quo by empowering under-privileged people and communities. As Co-Founder of GlobeIn and TEKEDU, I worked to improve technological access and literacy to increase opportunity in today’s increasingly digital marketplaces.

Saya Iwasaki
As a founder, educator and designer with history at Ideo U, Stanford University Graduate School of Education, EdSurge and One Workplace, I come with experience managing an innovative school in Myanmar, scaling business growth in emerging economies and empowering blockchain startups in Silicon Valley. Saya's passionate about empowering systems that have the potential to democratize access to success and increase equity.

Daisy Ozim
Daisy Ozim is the founder of Resilient Wellness, a healthcare system designed to decolonize public health while simultaneously building a new healthcare system rooted in indigenous medicine for people of color by people of color. Her work is centered around decolonizing philanthropy, spirituality, and social justice.

Ben Bartlett
Candidate for CA Assembly District 15. Berkeley City Council Member. Environmental lawyer uniting industry and government to address climate change, create housing for the homeless, alleviate poverty with green jobs and expand opportunity for everyone.

Chelsea Rustrum
Chelsea is the co-author of It's a Shareable Life, the founder of Blockchain for Good, and a co-founder of Blox 7, an agency for new economy storytelling. She also initiated the B.C.O.E. (Blockchain Code of Ethics) which aims to create a collective vision for technology in the future. Chelsea is working on creating a generative economy, directed by humans - in support of the planet, backed by technology.

Join us for an evening which will include connection, wine, conversation, and dialogue around how to build a world that works for more of us.

The result of this conversation will be a 1-pager, which outlines 3 ways we can be mindful with technology and how we implement it, which will be distributed openly and freely.


A special thanks and shout out to Coral ( for sponsoring this event.

Coral is a safety protocol designed to reduce blockchain-based fraud by assigning blockchain trust scores to cryptocurrency addresses. Coral’s API can integrate seamlessly into any blockchain platform, reducing risk for businesses and bringing peace of mind to users.

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