Hands-On Python Presentation Night

May 3, 2018 · San Francisco, United States of America

This week's talk: Python Performance Investigation by Example

Occasionally we’ll find that some bit of Python we’ve written doesn’t run as fast as we’d like, what can we do? Performance bottlenecks aren’t always intuitive or easy to spot by reading code so we need to collect data with profiling. Once we’ve identified the bottleneck we’ll need to change our approach, but what options are faster than others?

This talk illustrates a Python performance investigation and improvements using an Advent of Code programming challenge. I’ll walk through starting from a slow (but correct) solution, look at profiling data to investigate why it’s slow, and explore multiple paths for improving performance, including more efficient algorithms and using third-party tools like Cython. You’ll leave this talk with a recipe for analyzing Python performance and information about some options for improved performance.

Meet your speaker: Matt Davis is an engineer on the Data Platform team at Clover Health and a longtime PyLadies mentor. Clover Health is using Python in all systems, our mission is making data accessible to those who need it and keeping data flowing smoothly between sources and sites of use.

Matt has been using Python to work with data in science and at startups since 2008, after getting degrees in Astronomy and Aerospace Engineering. He maintains some moderately popular open-source Python libraries, including SnakeViz and Palettable. Away from computers, he likes getting outdoors and taking photos.


6:00: Doors open, check in, eat, and mingle

6:30: Python Performance Investigation by Example - talk by Matt Davis

7:00: Work on your own project or mingle some more

8:00: Lights out, doors closed

About this meetup:

If you are struggling with the peaks and pitfalls of learning Python and/or want to collaborate on a fun Python project, we would love for you to join us at this weekly workgroup.

This meetup is open to PyLadies, PyGents and all PyPeople.
Please note all attendees should abide by the Code of Conduct: (http://www.ladynerds.org/code_of_conduct/)

All levels are welcome!

Beginners - Jumping into Python can be tough on your own! Your fellow beginners will help you get started and point you to some free resources that will assist with the fundamental skills to get you started on your coding journey.

Some Python resources to get you started:

Beginner's Guide (https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/)

Rithm School (https://www.rithmschool.com/courses#python)

Interactive Python for Beginners (http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/thinkcspy/index.html)

Algorithms and Data Structures in Python (http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/pythonds/index.html)

PyBites Code Challenges (https://codechalleng.es/challenges/?next=/)


There is no indoor bike parking.

Clover Health is located close to the Powell Street BART/Muni. Street parking is difficult to find.

Clover Health is elevator access only. Bathrooms are gender specific with an accessible stall.

A huge thank you to Clover Health (https://www.cloverhealth.com/en/) for hosting us!

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