Goodness Squad #5 / babel, bundle-utils, awesometalks and nebo15-mask

Jul 2, 2018 · Kyiv, Ukraine

Are you ready to do some good? :) Welcome to the 5th React Kyiv's "Goodness Squad" meetup!

The concept is same – gather together and spend the evening doing something good to Open-Source community, learning something new and just having fun. We want to show that to give back to OSS you don't need to be super ninja samurai jedi javascript expert. This event is FOR ANYONE who likes to code. Open source by definition means getting help from people like you and all of us!

The event is structured as a hackathon. We've picked several projects and invited their maintainers, who will help you to find a task, dive into code & architecture and answer your questions on the way.

And here are ...drumroll... THE PROJECTS

👉babel (
Sergey Rubanov
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Babel probably needs no introduction, but still, it is a compiler for writing next-generation JavaScript. There's a huge variety of tasks: small issues and bugs, fixing documentation and even enhancing the parser itself.
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👉bundle-utils (
Artem Yavorsky
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bundle-utils is a new project created by Artem, it is still WIP so you have an opportunity to participate in its early development. It is basically a tool that builds multiple Webpack bundles for each target browser depending on its supported features and helps express to serve the best bundle according to the user agent in order to optimize its size and loading speed.
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👉awesometalks (
Sara Vieira
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It is a collection of all the awesome talks ( and it needs more filters and extensions.
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👉nebo15-mask (
Alexey Bondarenko
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Previously I was looking for long time for the mask package, that will fill all of my needs: easy to define the mask pattern, easy to integrate with React and Redux Form, good caret management and etc. And I didn't find. The best candidate was the text-mask, but it returns the masked value in onChange callback, so we still need to write the additional normalizing functions which I think is overhead.

When I didn't find the good mask, I've decided to write my own – nebo15-mask. Core is generally inspired by text-mask in sort of manipulation with the caret. But it has its own behaviour on some edge cases, like backspacing after the formatting characters. Core package is written on pure Javascript, so it can be easily added to any application. It already has the react wrapper (react-nebo15-mask), but It would be nice to add the wrappers for Vue JS and Angular.

I think this package is the good alternative for the existing modules and we can make it better together.
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✅REGISTRATION (IMPORTANT, read this carefully!)

We have only 30 spots, so people who register and do not come will be BLACKLISTED forever with no opportunity to visit any of our events

Registration link –

Please, note: RSPV'ing here DOES NOT guarantee a place for you, you need to fill out a form and receive an invitation e-mail!

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