Good Time to Learn Rust Beginners from C++ ? Online

Oct 28, 2017 · Bengaluru, India

" The type safety of Haskell, the concurrency of Erlang, and the speed of C++  -->  Rust”

Rust is useful because if you write broken code, the compiler refuses to compile it and will explain the problem to you. Everything is typed, you can never overrun a buffer and you can't forget to free memory.The resulting code will be pretty much as fast as your C and you can be pretty sure it's correct. (The icing on the cake is that concurrency is pretty much effortless and your resultant Rust program can interface seamlessly with C code).

 Language Fundamentals I

 Data Types 

More Data Types and Memory Size 

Stack and Heap Scope 

Shadowing Arithmetic  

Conditional Operators 

Structs  and Enumeration 

Arrays Vectors Strings, 

Tuples Functions and Closures

 Ownership   Borrowing  

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