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Nov 27 - 28, 2010 · Seoul, Lebanon
GEW Party was a massive success, read all about it on the Seeqnce Blog:

Thank you all for coming :)

--UPDATE 2/2 --

We're just 36 hours away from the Global Entrepreneurship Week Lebanon 2010 Small Wins & Ecosystem Party.  Remember, it's tomorrow Saturday at 9 PM, at Karaj in Mar Mikhael (directions below)
To close this month, I'd like to play a slideshow of photos taken during GEW 2010 - commemorating this collaborative effort with pictures instead of words.  The reel will play continuously throughout the GEW Party, providing [over 200 partygoers] a glimpse of what was, and seeding thoughts, aspirations, and ideas into what may become as this community grows stronger.

Please send me your photos in high resolution ASAP.  Photos from workshops, seminars, conferences, geekfests, devcamps, startupweekengs, etc.  Please no branded photos, this is not an advertisement reel, this is about the people, about the community, the ecosystem.


- Over 160 registered and 200 expected to attend

- Over 10 young startups will be telling 30 second Small Wins short stories, including iltaqi, Rifflex, CLASHwith, LiveTweeting, Nodio, Monaqasat...

- Powerful & unique mix of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Industry Leaders, Professionals, Students, Designers, Freelancers, Artists, with a solid gender ratio

- An honorable thank you to Element^N / Apstrata who have sponsored the GEW Party within the spirit of The Party

- Almaza, Kefraya, Dewars & Red Bull have all graciously sponsored the event in kind, assuring a the wells won't dry up throughout the night

- If you prefer a different type of drink, a crowdsourced bar will be accepting your bottles (Belvedere, Blue Label, Grey Goose, hehe or your own homemade Arak - juice, soda, et al also welcome) - we will provide ice and cups.

- Crowdsourcing (or community-sourcing for the semantically correct) has been the primary driver of the GEW Party as we have insisted on keeping this event informal, By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (the Seeqnce motto).  The delicious food, for example, is being prepared by entrepreneurial young chefs, and the costs of the event are being covered by micro-sponsors, better known as individuals investing in the ecosystem.  A thank you goes out to all who have contributed thus far.  A box will be available at the GEW Party for all who wish to contribute onsite.

- Valet service has been secured at the door of Karaj to ensure ease of access to all attendees

GETTING THERE:  Karaj is located next to Fire Station in Mar Mikhael, across the street from the old railroad station, or the old bus graveyard.  If you're coming from Gemmayze, with Electricite du Liban on your left, on Rue Armenia (main Mar Mikhael street), keep going until you see a large batch of balloons tied to a tree on your right hand side (that's the sign), the Valet should be there, and this should be 100m before you reach the railroad station.

Longitude: 33.897356237495764
Latitude: 35.52771717309952



--UPDATE 1/1-

We're just 72 hours away from the Biggest Party of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010.  Remember, it's this Saturday at 9 PM, at Karaj in Mar Mikhael (see event page for details).
It's been a long month of events, with workshops, conferences, seminars, and weekends packing the weeks like Tuna at Tsukiji in Tokyo, and like the Tuna at Tsukiji, these events have been exceptional, dare I say the best I've sampled yet.But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so a Party, The GEW Party, is a good finale, perhaps a grand finale to a grand GEW Lebanon 2010.To keep the Party a Party, we have worked hard with our sponsors and the community to make sure the spirit of the party is not disturbed, that mingling, talking, and maybe even dancing (oh the horror) flow freely throughout the beautiful space at Karaj, unhindered by stages, speeches, suits and ties.To further enable this flow, we are turning the tables, by letting Young Startups tell their stories (30 second stories, but stories nonetheless) while investors, industry leaders, mature startups, et al tune in to the Nouveau Entrepreneurs.  Perhaps this will level the playing-field ;)Young Startups, this is your chance to tell your stories, so apply below for an Open Mic slot at the GEW Party this Saturday.  The Open Mic session has a limited number of slots, strictly under 30 seconds, one startup to a slot.
Apply Now at this link:


On November 27 2010, 9 PM at Karaj in Mar Mikhael Gemmayze, we will
all come together informally - no suits and ties - for Global
Entrepreneurship Week Lebanon's final curtain call, the GEW Small Wins & Ecosystem Party.

The purpose of this party - not that parties ever needed purposes -
is to celebrate our spectacularly successful Collaboration &
Partnership - the coming together of an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Reintroducing ourselves without the formalities, without
hierarchies, without labels or titles, and surely without the suits in
which we uphold all these social norms, in other words turning the
fledgling bonds of Partnership into strong bonds of Friendship that last
and accelerate the growth of the Ecosystem.

Invited are all of the following:

- Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, with a special invite
going out to all those who attended / will attend GEW events, including
this past weekend's Startup Battle and all events listed on this agenda:

- NGOs / NPOs that support the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

- Investors, VCs, and Fund Managers

- Seasoned Entrepreneurs and businessmen

- GEW Partners, of course!

- All individuals and organizations that support, engage,
facilitate, empower, (splice in another adjective here) the
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Saturday November 27 2010 at 9 PM

Karaj, Beirut's Lab for Experimental Arts and Technology, in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon ( )

This event is mostly ad hoc focused on good tunes, drinks, grub,
mingling, chitchat, and having a 'jolly good time', but will include
informal activities such as Open Mic sessions for 30 second Small Wins
Event organizers

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