FunScript with Alfonso Garcia-Caro

Mar 5, 2015 · London, United Kingdom

As browsers become more and more powerful and standards finally start to set in, web apps are becoming the easiest way to reach an enormous user and device base. However, as with other platforms we developers like to have the freedom of choosing our beloved languages and tools. Among the myriad of new and old languages targeting JavaScript nowadays, FunScript lets you leverage the power of the one and only language with a compiler designed to be almost an IDE in itself: F#. Enrich your web app development experience with powerful Intelllisense, type inference, pattern matching, async computation expressions, functional collection and event processing, type providers, Visual Studio/Xamarin refactoring tools and much more.


- Compiling to JavaScript (I):

  Ad-hoc languages (TypeScript, Elm, PureScript) vs general-purpose languages (FunScript, ClojureScript)

- Compiling to JavaScript (II):

  Runtime system, to add or not to add? Lightweight code and better interoperability vs runtime type checking, semantics translation, etc (TypeScript vs AtScript, FunScript/PureScript vs Elm/ClojureScript)

- How FunScript works:

  Letting the F# compiler do the hard work (interpreting the AST with quotations and pattern matching)

- Taking advantage of F# features:

  Pattern matching, functional collection and event processing, async computation expressions, type providers

- Interoperability with JavaScript:

  Seamless interop, borrowing JS library definitions from TypeScript

- Extending FunScript:

  Literal and expression replacements

- What's missing and a call for contributions:

  Documentation, stand-alone compiler


Self-taught software developer who's using the internet to live Asimov's dream of being a learner for live, and who's fallen in love with functional programming thanks to F# and its fantastic community. Multidisciplinary, nonconformist or just a fickle spirit, has also experience working as a language teacher, translator or bank accountant, and besides Spain has lived in Germany and Japan. Won a short story prize long, long time ago and has publications on language acquisitions and economy. Currently working for Green Eagle Solutions developing SCADA systems for renewable energy facilities.

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