Fractal Tree Indexes

Aug 28, 2013 · New York, United States of America

Database applications handling big data often hit I/O bottlenecks, be it using MySQL or MongoDB. This presentation will discuss how Tokutek's Fractal Tree indexes, used in TokuMX for MongoDB (a MongoDB v2.2 drop in replacement) and TokuDB for MySQL (a MySQL storage engine) improve performance by helping eliminate I/O bottlenecks in big data applications.

Zardosht Kasheff (@zkasheff) has been a senior member of Tokutek’s engineering team since 2008, working on TokuDB and TokuMX, both leveraging Fractal Tree Indexing, and designed for big data workloads. TokuMX is MongoDB with Fractal Tree indexing storage. TokuDB is a high performance storage engine for MySQL.

Prior to Tokutek, Zardosht worked at Microsoft on remote terminal services. Zardosht holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from MIT, where he pursued research on cache-oblivious dynamic search trees under Bradley Kuszmaul at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

We are back at Animoto this month, they will also provide food and beer!

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6:30 - Arrive to Animoto, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Fractal Tree Indexes (Zardosht Kasheff)
8:00 - Q&A
8:15 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:30 - Open discussion, networking


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2nd Floor
New York, NY

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