F#ore! A pleasant round of Code Golf with Grant Crofton

Jul 24, 2014 · London, United Kingdom


F#ore!  A pleasant round of Code Golf in F#

In this hands-on session, we'll be having a game of Code Golf, where the objective is to complete your program in as few (key)strokes as possible.

Throw caution and good programming practice to the wind in your quest for an ever-decreasing character count!  Well-named variables?  Not today my friend.  Sensibly modularised code structure?  Hell no!  Comments?  You must be kidding..

Although the main aim is to have fun, it's also a great way to improve your F# language knowledge.  Do you *really* need those parentheses? Is pattern matching more concise than an If? Isn't there an operator that does this?!  

All these questions and more will be asked, and hopefully answered, on the night.

Suitable for any level of F# experience, but knowledge of at least the basic syntax will be very useful - if you're a complete newbie, why not Try F# beforehand.  

Just bring your laptop if you have one, ready to run some F# - we'll be working pairs, so don't worry if you don't.

See you at the first tee!

Grant is a Principal Software Developer at Callcredit in Leeds, where he spends his days leading development teams and writing the odd bit of code.  He's a C# developer by trade, but an enthusiastic F#'er on the side.  He's currently hacking on Http.fs, an HTTP client library for F#, and enjoys running and taking part in code dojos, coding games, and anything else that involves having fun with code!


Please register with Skills Matter too: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/6417-f-ore-a-pleasant-round-of-code-golf-in-f

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