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This is a group for all developers interested in Elixir langauge, especially (but not only!) those based in Warsaw. No matter what is your level of experience you're more than welcome to join and attend the meetups. ElixirWarsaw Meetups will be proudly hosted by EL Passion - an App Design & Development House based in Warsaw. If you want to meet other Elixir enthusiasts, this is a group to ...


We're excited to invite you to the 2nd ElixirWarsaw Meetup!

You're new to Elixir? Or maybe you're already using it? No matter what's your level of experience, we'll have an interesting talk for you.

Meet other Elixir enthusiasts, exchange knowledge and enjoy a drink. 


Both talks will be in English, first one will start around 7 PM.

• Michał Muskała on Abandoning models and embracing data - exploring Ecto

Ecto is a database library for Elixir, that recently got a large overhaul with the version 2.0. It's closer to the database, less opinionated, and more flexible, yet still allows to do simple things easily.
This talk will introduce the audience to the concepts of Ecto, explain where it's coming from and where is it going with the changes introduced. We'll see how it's possible to have the same querying interface for SQL databases and MongoDB. Finally we'll look at a simple example of how to use Ecto.

• Hubert Łępicki on Implementing CQRS on top of OTP

Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a hot topic these days, mostly in communities applying object oriented programming. It is very prominent in C# world, there are multiple supporters among Java programmers too - and the Ruby world is catching on really quickly too. I have attempted recently to implement CQRS in Elixir. This will be a description of my journey, including successes, failures and technical implementation details.

• Afterparty! Let's have a drink together

See you there, 

EL Passion & Daftcode



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