Comparing and contrasting Elixir with Ruby


Polyglot Tech is a series of events that compare and contrast various technologies to help choose the right tool for the job.

At this event, we will be comparing and contrasting Elixir/Erlang with Ruby.


• 2 short presentations about each technology (10-15 min)

• moderated discussion panel (1h)

• time for networking and discussions


Louis Pilfold

Peter Saxton

Mike Wagg

Evadne Wu

Are you familiar with Ruby, Rails, Erlang/Elixir, Phoenix or Node ? If so, feel free to join the discussion and submit your talk proposal here.

A chance to win a ticket for Elixir LDN! :)

During the event, we will do the raffle to give away one free ticket to Elixir LDN conference.


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    Evadne Wu
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    Doors open
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