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A local group of DevOps people in the city of POZnan that meets once a month. Our aim is to animate the local community by helping companies to embrace DevOps approach and by exchanging experiences. Feel free to join us!


We invite you to DevOps Day meet-up!

DevOps Day is an initiative to bring together fans of DevOps from Poland once a quarter. Our 1st meeting is scheduled on Apr 28th at 18:00 in Poznan. There is no particular subject but we are planning to focus on Mesos, Docker and containers in general. There will be 2-3 short talks, 20 mins each, followed by a discussion panel. In the last part of our meeting we will draw a ticket for this year's Atmosphere conference and discuss the future of this initiative.

- 3 short talks (20 min each)
- discussion panel
- Janusz Kamieński - lottery ticket for Atmosphere Conference 2016
- loose conversation about the future of the POZnan DevOps

Let's meet to share and exchange knowledge!

Would you like to share your DevOps experience with the Polish community? If so, feel free to submit your talk proposal using the button above.



Kolla - containerizing the cloud itself

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Linux Volume Manager in theory and practice

Bartosz Pierzchała, Systems administrator / DevOps
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Mesos in action


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