CSS for Decoration & ES7 Observables

Jun 7, 2016 · London, United Kingdom

We're gonna have Razvan Caliman (Adobe) speaking about CSS for Decoration, and Phil Pluckthun (Pie Mapping) speaking about ES7 Observables.

CSS for Decoration

CSS has powerful features intended for decoration: linear and radial gradients, backgrounds, shadows, filters, blend-modes, and many others. Their apparent complexity and ever-changing "design trends" means they're often underused and overlooked, sometimes replaced with unnecessary piles of HTML and black magic CSS with side effects so fragile that nobody dares touch ever again.

This talk is a collection of examples and practical use cases for CSS decoration features: generated polygon backgrounds, skeleton interfaces as replacements for loading indicators, gradient borders, tool UI details, like range input backgrounds, rulers and grid lines.

Everything done using standards-compliant CSS. No black magic, I promise.

About Razvan

Razvan is a web developer at Adobe where he builds tools and technology to make life easier for web designers and developers.

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Observe the Future with Observables

Observables are the new kid on the block, being standardised for ECMAScript 7, and bring yet another concept from Functional Programming to JavaScript. As a mix between a stream of events and an iterable over time, Observables allow you to handle all kinds of asynchronous behaviour by writing short and intuitive code. As your front end apps become increasingly complex, this can be your way out.

This talk introduces the basic concept observables and its practical use cases. Furthermore it will teach you some basic RxJS, the most commonly used Observable library. And to get your feet wet, it will present some real life examples.

About Phil

Phil is a front end developer at Pie Mapping building a line-haul management platform. In his free time he codes React, RxJS and general JavaScript libraries and projects.

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6:30 Doors open, drinks and pizza
7:00 Talks start
8:15 More drinks and networking, pub for the brave ones

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