Brant Cooper - Full-day Customer Development Workshop

Feb 15, 2012 · London, United Kingdom
Brant Cooper, author of the popular Lean Startup book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development, is coming to London to share his experience with Customer Development and fundamental Lean Startup practices in a in a one-day workshop! While much has been written about Customer Development, in practice -- it’s hard! If you're interested in learning out it works in the real world and how it’s used within the Lean Startup context.  It's £75 per person.
This workshop will be very interactive. After reviewing Customer Development and Lean Startup principles, you will dive into applying them toward describing your proposed business model, documenting your assumptions, identifying and prioritizing risks, and finally learning how might go about testing.
Teams are welcome! You are encouraged to bring questions and issues from your business or startup idea.
What you will learn:

Learn how to Get Started
The difference between listening to customers and doing what they say
How Customer Development fits into the Build -> Measure -> Learn framework
The Stages of Customer Development
When NOT to do Customer Development

What you will also get:

A copy of Brant's book, The Entrepreneurs' Guide To Customer Development (worth £16)
A pre-order of Brant's upcoming book (worth £29)

What you won't get:

A paint by numbers approach for instant success
A 400 page workbook
Time wasted listening to pie-in-the-sky theories of entrepreneurial success

What's the format that you are envisioning for this event? Is it going to be a series of presentation or a more interactive one... 

"My workshops are very interactive.  I'll do some overview slides about customer development and lean startups and then we'll go through the methods in my book to describe your business ecosystem, document assumptions, identify and prioritize risks and then discuss how you might go about testing the risks.  Participants are encouraged to bring real life examples and issues we can discuss and hopefully work through.How does that sound?  What else would be helpful?" - Brant

Testimonials for Brant's work:
“Brant is one of the foremost experts in the emerging science of entrepreneurship. I've seen him teach about customer development and it's practical, action-oriented, and persuasive. I've had the pleasure of hosting Brant at several conferences, and he always delivers.” - Eric Ries, Author, The Lean Startup "Brant has been instrumental in introducing the lean startup movement to Michigan.  Through his dynamic talk at the Michigan Lean Startup Conference and various customer development workshops, he has helped Michigan entrepreneurs bring lean startup methodologies to life.    In addition, Brant has been a trusted advisor to Momentum, helping us create a customer development framework for our seed accelerator program.  I highly recommend Brant and will continue to invite him back to Michigan!"   - Amanda Chocko, Program Director, Momentum "Brant Cooper brought to the Entrepreneurship Workshop in Kuala Lumpur his wealth and experience in exploring the new rules of the venture start-up world, especially approaches to the "lean start-up." The participants were also led through the maze of customer development. He implored participants to “get out of the building,” talk to customers, engage early adopters and determine whether they know the best market segment for their proposed solution. He gave tips, tools and inspired creativity. In other words, it was electric." - Stephen Summut, Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Programs Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania “Brant has spoken and worked directly with our startup companies. His advice is practical and immediately usable. He is a also a super nice guy, so it is a pleasure to work with him! We use his book at and for a course I am teaching at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I would highly recommend Brant as a speaker, coach to your startup and his book is a must read for any business looking to get to customers. Brant's passion for helping startups is greatly appreciated.” - Greg Meier “Brant has a passion to serve the start-up community. I was able to hear him present on Lean Start-up ideals and Customer Development. He clearly knows his stuff. I'd encourage you to spend some time with Brant if you are in the startup or product development areas.” - Drew Goodmanson, CEO, Monk Development “Brant is a tremendously generous person who cares about startups and founders both as individuals and as a force for positive change in society. I consider Brant to be a trusted mentor and am grateful for his practical, action-oriented advice on how to build my company and serve our customers. I highly recommend reading his book, "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development", listening to him speak, attending the lean startup events he organizes, and engaging him as a consultant or advisor.” - Mike Thompson, Founder, Coscover I have mentored alonside Brant at Lean Startup Machine where he spoke about Customer Development and getting companies to become customer and revenue focused. He is very effective at getting people to challenge their assumptions and deepen their understanding of what they are trying to achieve and how they should achieve it, not by hectoring or instructing them but by asking questions which force them to justify (or not as the case may be) their assumptions, biases and beliefs in what they know.” - Gordon Guthrie, CEO/CTO, “SHORT VERSION: Go to see Brant speak and read his book. It will change your life by reducing risk and maximizing your chances for entrepreneurial success. -Olin Hyde   “I had the pleasure of meeting Brant when I was a participant in Lean Startup Machine NY April 2011. Brant was a fantastic mentor to the teams because he's both approachable and knowledgeable. I appreciate his many contributions to the advancement of Lean Startup through writing, speaking and teaching.” - Lane Halley, Instigator, Collaborative Making (freelance projects) “Brant Cooper gets it. I'd highly recommend businesses of all kinds to spend some time getting to know Brant and the customer development framework he brings to the table. Doing so will help you save time, money and reduce mistakes. By achieving the right product/market fit sooner, businesses are able to flourish faster. Brant can help you get there.” - Brad Damphousse, CEO, “Most tech startups aren't purely technical risks - they're market risks. Brant is the author of a book that helps entrepreneur navigates these waters that I recommend to fellow startup junkies. Even better than reading the book is getting his suggestions on your problems because everybody's situation is a little different. I've known Brant since I was lived in San Diego and organized the monthly Hacker News meetup and have been in workshops where Brant was a mentor." -Jay Liew, Founder, Killer Bees & Company “As an author & consultant: Brant has a strong grasp of marketing strategies to use while searching for product/market fit. He is a student and professor of the Lean Startup movement. He constantly challenges your thinking with the goal of creating the best product available not buying into his beliefs. His book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development, is a staple on my desk. As a mentor: Brant is selfless in the pursuit of putting the San Diego startup community on the map. His approach is focused on the entrepreneurs, internet trends and the products being built. Often a consultant will do what is good for them. Not once have I felt that from Brant. He attracts high profile speakers, drives engagement between founders and cuts through the bs. He is an asset to SD and the broader interwebs community. I consider him an important influence on my philosophies around what it takes to build a product and company. I would recommend everyone to read his book. Any use of Brant as a consultant would be a wise investment too.” - Chris Waldron, Vice President, Experience, “I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Cooper work tirelessly at creating a vibrant Entrepreneur network here in San Diego. IMHO Brant can be considered one of those guys that "Gets It". He's not only a team player but the rare breed of A-team that understands how important connecting the dots is. Putting others before himself has made his endeavors successful. I enjoy his vision, passion for his craft and team oriented approach to problem solving. Two thumbs up to a guy that takes the road less traveled.” January 26, 2012 - Cliff Currie, Craftsman / DIY / Designer, “Brant shows startups how to discover the people who will crave the thing you are creating, how to run short-burst experiments on them and how to decipher their feedback. Lean startup and customer development theory is a base layer of knowledge. "Getting out of the building" and "talking to real people" is the crucial first step. But their are thousands of steps beyond. To develop the craft of customer development (as you would any other) takes time and a great mentor. Brant was that mentor at the Lean Startup Machine in Boston and continues to be so through his book. (And no I don't get a commission). Practical tips and tricks for customer development are hard to come by. Brant helps you get your hands dirty. He helps you stop theorizing and start doing.” January 26, 2012 -Cass Sapir, Founder and Chief Experimenter, Thumbs Up “I attended one of Brant's workshops about customer acquisition in NYC. Brant deep knowledge of the subject was truly impressive. He provided valuable insights on the subject and answered a long list of variety of questions, which shows he really cares about the audience getting the material. I got the opportunity to spend additional time with Brant and a group of the attendees after the workshop and I found his knowledge and passion towards entrepreneurship in general refreshing and inspiring. I look forward to attending the next event by Brant.” - Einas Ibrahim   “Just as he does so in his writing, Brant takes seemingly daunting concepts and defines them in such a way that they're digestible and more importantly, executable. I'm willing to bet that most people in his audiences can leave even just a thirty-minute session and feel more assured with a game plan in-hand that they can quickly put into motion – a testament to the crux of an effective teacher.” - Seth Samuels, Connecting through Conversation, Converati “Brant is the indefatigable, torch bearer of the customer development & lean startup movement in San Diego. I hired Brant to teach blistering workshops in new business identification and development to crowds of appetent intrapreneurs at Qualcomm - most requested follow-up consulting to harness Brant's unequaled expertise in digital business strategy and marketing. Brant has the uncanny ability to distill any concept to its bear essentials, to swoon the intra or entrepreneur to become one with the customer and actually propose desirable and profitable offerings, not products for their own sake. If you're looking for a business coach for a team or project leader, look no further than Brant - do expect candid, straight-up feedback that motivates meaningful learning and change.” - Ricardo dos Santos “I had the unique fortune of connecting with Brant live at a Lean Startup Machine event in San Francisco. He was able to give me some very thoughtful advice at a particularly trying time in the life of my startup - we were in need of a pivot, but we hadn't quite realized it yet. Brant was able to verbalize much of what we'd been thinking internally, and to provide some very useful tips on gleaning our future direction from our existing customers. I found his ability to synthesize and respond to our predicament really refreshing, and valued the insight he brought. For those without the same fortune, I highly recommend Brant's book, the Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development - it was a great read, and should be required reading for anyone interested in launching a startup.” - Chris Wake, Founder, “Brant has been amazing getting to know. His events are great and I have learned so much from them by the way he is able to speak to large groups and make you feel like it's all about you. His concepts for a start-up have helped shape our growth. You have to get his book "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development." It deals with the lean start up and will help any company.” - Blair Giesen, CEO / Co-Founder, Zambig, Inc.

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