Android Phones to Get FingerQ Fingerprint Sensors

Dec 27, 2019 · Atlanta, United States of America

Security in smartphones is very much in demand nowadays as thieves are always in the lookout for hot items to steal and sell like smartphones. Even though there are already built-in security measures in smartphones like password and patterns to unlock the phone with live weed wallpapers app, adding another layer of protection wouldn’t be amiss. This is where FingerQ comes in. This Hong Kong based company has created another layer of security for smartphone users through fingerprint sensors.

This new system by FingerQ is considered as an accessory as it comes as PrivacQ case which is compatible with smartphones such as HTC One, Samsung Galaxy and Note. The sensor is just one part of this security system. The other is the software coming from FingerQ in order to get the fingerprint sensor system up and running.

The main use of the PrivacQ case is through the chat application of FingerQ. The application is designed in a way where you can send messages to a friend or family who uses the FingerQ app in encrypted form. In order for you to read a message that is encrypted, you need to swipe your finger that is already linked to the PrivacQ case. You can also share and send a photo using the same process.

Since the PrivacQ is installed in the smartphone, you will lose all access to any messages that are encrypted when the casing is lost or removed. Even if you lose your phone or gets stolen, the thief won’t be able to remove the casing at all just to gain access to your smartphone’s interface and messages that have been encrypted by FingerQ.

FingerQ is targeting those who use their phones for business as this will help deter anyone from gaining sensitive information through bypassing their pattern and password. This is also helpful for those who are looking for additional security measures for their smartphones.

Another feature that you can get from FingerQ’s system is the ability to lock certain apps on your phone. One example for this is locking your browser app or your image gallery with fingerprint sensor so no one can access them without your fingerprint. The company is still coming up with features that can be used to increase your phone’s security measures.

In case your finger receives a cut or any damage that won’t be recognized by the fingerprint sensor, you can override your system with a backup password. You can get the PrivacQ between $40 and $60 when it is released in the market.

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