All Things Open 2017

Oct 23 - 24, 2017 · Raleigh, United States of America
Karen Sandler
Executive Director
Jessica Rose
Developer Relations
Miki Rezentes
Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead at Tanium
Jeff Atwood
Kelsey Hightower
Product manager, developer and chief advocate
Danese Cooper
Matt Asay
VP of Mobile
Tracy Lee
Alicia Carr
Director of Women Who Code Atlanta | CEO & Founder of Purple Evolution, Inc.
Gregg Pollack
Jeff Garzik
CEO and Co Founder
Erica Stanley
Engineering Manager
Federico Lucifredi
Product Management Director
Daniel Vetter
SW Engineer
Allison McMillan
Burr Sutter
Director of Developer Experience
Ruth Holloway
Perl Developer
Ryan Shea
Tirell Mckinnon
Software Engineer
Vikram Tiwari
Technology Expert
Steve Klabnik
Jumpstart Lab Instructor
Spencer Krum
Head of ESports
Sara Kennedy
Front End Developer
Scott Jenson
UX Strategy
Peter Lamar
Patrick McFadin
VP of Developer Relations
Linda Nichols
Cloud Enablement Leader
Lee Faus
Sr. Solutions Architect
Kris Borchers
Executive Director
Joydeep Misra
Director, IoT Services
John Willis
Vice President of DevOps and Digital Practices
Kesha Williams
Software Engineer
Jim Jagielski
Jeff Luszcz
Vice President of Product Management
Jay Phelps
Senior Software Engineer
Terrance Smith
Owner\Lead Developer
Waldemar Quevedo
Senior Software Engineer
Tara Z Manicsic
Developer Advocate
Tague Griffith
Head of Developer Advocacy
Shahed Chowdhuri
Sr. Technical Evangelist
Rosemary Wang
Lead Consultant, Infrastructure Architecture
Patrick Masson
General Manager & Director
Michelle Marceny
Senior Product Line Manager
Marcos Iglesias Valle
Senior Software Engineer
Madeline Hagen
Project Leader
John Sullivan
Executive Director
John Scott
Sr. Database Engineer, MySQL
Jean Georges Perrin
Software Architect
Mark Heckler
Sultan of Spring
Jacinthe Ricard
Product Designer
Ilan Rabinovitch
Dir, Technical Community
Ian Philpot
Sr. Developer Evangelist
Eliot Pearson
System Architect
Elizabeth K. Joseph
Developer Advocate
Damian Ng
Senior Director, Software Engineering
Corey Quinn
Cloud Economist
Catherine Robson
Manager, User Experience Design
Ben Nuttall
Education Developer Advocate
Brent Laster
Senior Manager, R&D
Angel Banks
Sr. UX Designer
Alexander Rukletsov
Distributed Systems Engineer
Arturo Maltos
Tech Lead
Bob Foreman
Senior Software Engineer
Carol Smith
Open Source Program Manager
Colin O’Dell
Lead Web Developer
Dmitri Pal
Director of Engineering
Hudson Jameson
Co-Founder and COO
Gareth Greenaway
Senior Software Developer
Jameson Lopp
Software Engineer
Kim Marroquin
Sales Engineer
Lee Eason
Director of DevOps
Louise Corrigan
Senior Editor
Mark Voelker
OpenStack Architect
Molly de Blanc
Sam McClenney
Open Data Program Manager
Sean O’Connor
Director of Backend Engineering
Sergio Schvezov
Snaps IoT
Talal Obeid
User Experience Engineer
Steve Tegeler
Director, Technical Product Manager
Valerie Parham-Thompson
Lead Database Consultant
Tony Shan
Chief IoTologist
Rachel Parsons
AppDev Practice Manager
Nik Everett
Software Engineer
Matt Schmidt
Jason Hare
Open Data Evangelist
Jakob Lorberblatt
Database Administrator
Elsie Phillips
Community Manager
Daniel Barker
Software Development Manager
Arun Gupta
Vice President of Developer Advocacy
Alison Blaine
Digital Technologies Development Librarian
Aaron Blythe
Sr. Automation Engineer
Ben Striegel
Community Manager
Brian Reale
Dave Stokes
Community Manager
Deb Nicholson
Director of Community Outreach
Jason Yee
Technical Writer/Evangelist
John Mertic
Director, ODPi
Rachel Daniel
UX Director
Ryan Jarvinen
Open Source Activist
Sophia Su
Product Manager
Tom Wilson
President and Chief Architect
Simon MacDonald
Senior Software Scientist
Phil Robb
VP of Networking and Orchestration
Michael Hall
Practice Manager - Technology, Bad Singer, Good Left Foot, love Food, F1, skiing & Red Wine, Passionate about Technology, Commer
Max Mether
Field CTO
Kevin Sonney
Infrastructure Engineer II
John SJ Anderson
VP, Technology
Ginny Hamilton
Community Manager
Doris Chen
Senior Technology Evangelist
Dan Thyer
CTO / Co-Founder
Charlotte Mays
Software Developer
Chris Lamb
Debian Project Leader
Brian Mills
Senior Counsel
Ashley Roach
API and Cloud Evangelist
Andrew Malek
Senior UI Developer / Designer
Charlie Drage
Software Engineer
Grady Slane
Product Manager
Erin Bank
Advisor, Engineering Program Management
Ian Terrell
Senior Software Developer
Jared Smith
Open Source Community Manager
Kristin Whetstone
Software Engineer
Leonard Fishman
Nic Raboy
Developer Advocate
Paul Berg
Sr. R&D Software Licensing Manager
Raymond Camden
Developer Advocate
Serena Chechile Doyle
Senior Principal Interaction Designer
Van Wilson
Senior Consultant II
Paul Burt
Community Manager
Michael Claffey
Risk Analytic Consultant
Kristopher Navratil
Technology Teacher
Jonas Rosland
Open Source Community Manager
Jen Krieger
Chief Agile Architect
Ben McCormick
Senior Software Engineer
Anna Derbakova
Principal Developer
Gina Likins
University Outreach
Joshua Davis
MTC Cloud Solutions Architect
Owen Taylor
Principal Software Engineer
Matthew Groves
Developer Advocate
Dr. Michele McColgan
Assistant Professor of Physics/Director of Informal STEM program
Alessandra Scafuro
Assistant Professor
Jeremiah Coleman
Data Engineer - Marketing Operations
Casey Bleeker
IoT Technical Evangelist
Wes Gyure
MaaS360 Portfolio Offering Manager
Safia Abdalla
Angie Jones
Senior Automation Engineer
Matt Farmer
Senior Software Engineer
Jason Hibbets Community Manager
Tom Davies
Technology Evangelist
Carlos Souza
Amy Chen
Software Engineer
John Papa
Principal Technical Architect
Patrick Riley
Interaction Designer
Jake Flomenberg
Maulan Byron
Directory of Software Development & Engineering
DeLisa Alexander
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer
Mark Halpin
Software Developer
Brandon Mathis
Lead Developer
Girish Rathod
Principal Software Engineer in Test
Petra Sargent
Technical Writer
Justin W. Flory
Fedora Project contributor
Sam Knuth
Director, Customer Content Services
Olivier Kamanda
Tim Yeaton
Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Mark E. Rostick
Investment Director
Alex Williams
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Andrew Malek
Senior UI Developer / Designer, NCR
Jen Looper
Developer Advocate