AI Internet Mart / The Web of Reactive AI Agents

Jan 26, 2017 · Toronto, Canada

- Raising Facebook reactions to AI level
- A smart shopified Internet on Nobel Prize economics
- Reactive Programming for your own reactive services

Build the bots that build the FUTURE AI Internet!

This will be the Kickoff Meetup for our

Code Pile 1 - Manhattan Project 2017

Code Pile 1 is an Open Platform and Compiler for APIs and microservices that will be developed by the TCP1P community in monthly agile sprints.
Meetups, workshops and hackathons will be organized monthly downtown Toronto and/or in Manhattan, New York.
Coders, professionals and entrepreneurs attending the TCP1P meetups, workshops and hackathons will be invited to annotate their code and scripts on Code Pile 1 for reuse or to be automatically engaged in relevant commercial and social projects. Entrepreneurs, businesses and non profit, .GOV or .EDU organizations are invited to bring problems to workshops and hackathons or to publish them on Code Pile 1 / TCP1P.  By the end of 2017 we expect the network of TCP1P Meetups to become the platform for a continuous Open Internet hackathon changing the world for good.

Attendees of TCP1P Meetups can expect to learn about:

- Reactive programming, microservices and AI agents

- Graph databases and graph query languages

- Compilers of APIs and microservices

- Open smart markets for APIs, microservices and web services

- How to annotate APIs and microservices to be automatically discovered and engaged in solutioning budgeted or top voted projects

- How to define projects to have the compiler automatically expand and rank solutions based on the top service deals available


6:30pm - Greetings and Networking

7:00pm - Announcements

7:10pm - The Open AI Internet - The sMART Compiler of Reactive Microservices / Stefan V Ianta - @v_ianta   

    Continuing the series on smart markets of microservices presented at several meetups in 2016 you’ll learn how reactions in a social network can be automated into services and microservices of various complexity. Beyond the casual Facebook interactions, if we repurpose the wall postings to be  descriptions of problems, projects and reactive services we can build a shopified Internet of services that coders, entrepreneurs and business professionals can exploit to find the optimal solutions for any given budgeted or top voted problems. You’ll see a practical simple example of compiling several microservices into a commercial web service.

8:00pm - Pizza, pop, TCP1P registration and networking for Coders, Entrepreneurs and Investors

Many thanks to Paytm Labs for hosting our meetup and providing pizza and pop!

Join TCP1P and make your services part of the FUTURE!

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  • Toronto Code Pile 1 Programming

    We are social programming enthusiasts building an innovation reactor. Join the Social-AI Chain Reaction! The first human-made self-sustaining chain reaction was initiated in Chicago Pile 1 on Dec 2, 1942. The first human-AI innovation chain reaction can be initiated on Code Pile 1 on Dec 2, 2017, with your help. Code Pile 1 community meets openly and collaborates on social media and social coding platforms aiming to speedup progress for the benefit of all. The Atomic Age began 75 years ago on Dec 2, 1942.

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