AI best practice in industry

Apr 10, 2018 · Greater London, United Kingdom
  • 18:30
    0:30 H
    Free beer+pizza, socialise around
  • 19:00
    1:00 H
    “Decoding user emotions and themes through Topological Data Analysis and Deep Learning or what you didn’t know about Saudi Arabia” by Edward Kibardin, Head of Data Science at Mitie plc
  • 19:30
    0:15 H
  • 19:45
    1:00 H
    “Reproducible data science: review of Pachyderm, Dataversioncontrole and GIT LFS tools“ by Josh Levy-Kramer, Data Science Lead at Outra
  • 20:00
    0:30 H
    “Visual debugging of Convolutional Neural Nets” by Leonardo De Marchi, Lead Data Scientist at BadooNeural Networks nowadays are regarded as a magic wand to solve any problem, but they are described by many as “black boxes”. In this talk we will see how it’s possible to gain some insights, improve a CNN and find problems in a visual way.
  • 20:30
    1:00 H
    Socialising and networking