Abstractions 2016

Aug 18 - 20, 2016 · Pittsburgh, United States of America

Abstractions is a new take on conferences. We aim to bring people working across the spectrum of software development together to learn and connect.

We believe that connecting every point of the software creation process will help us all improve how modern, high-quality software is created. We believe you shouldn't be limited to a narrow part of the software development process because of your work title; perspectives from development, design, devops, community, and leadership can improve the quality of your work.

Join us in Pittsburgh on August 18th - 20th to listen to great presenters — and your peers — speak on a wide variety of software topics in a dedicated space for learning and collaboration.

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  • Code & Supply

    These days, passionate developers are tech polyglots: people who know or use many programming languages. If you’re interested in knowing how to use the best technology for the job at hand and you want to be around like-minded people, Code & Supply is a club that offers educational and social events for people just like you. Expand your knowledge, meet new people, gain valuable skills, make meaningful career connections or just have fun.

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