Are you using Eventbrite?

Consider Eventil, a Eventbrite alternative for tech communities

How do our prices compare with Eventbrite's?

Ticketing Pricing Eventil Eventbrite
Free for free events
Price Offering 1
Paid Events
Feeless ticketing
1% + $0.99 / ticket
Price Offering 2
Paid Events
Feeless ticketing
2.5% + 1.99 / ticket
One-Time Flat Event Setup Fee
Paid Events
$39 or $199 $0
Total cost for 100 tickets sold for $100
Examplary Simulation
$39 $199 Basic or $449 Professional
Custom pricing for large events

How do our features compare with Eventbrite's?

Feature Eventil Eventbrite
Communities Profile Only tech communities Any community
Groups Creation & Management
Event Creation & Management
Tickets sales on your website
Integrated Call for Papers process
Schedule Creation
Sponsor Management
Purchase swag from verified vendors
Upload slides & videos
Find and solicit speakers for your event
Create speaker profile
Tech-related tags (Cobol and Fortran included)
Attendee Mobile App
Organizer Mobile App