We make good-looking badges
with gorgeous lanyards.





Customize the badge with your logo

Customize the color for types of attendees

Customize the color to fit your brand and add your logo

Our Offer


Beautiful PCV-like badge. Hard to crush, waterproof, 450g paper. Print on both sides. Customizable with logo, attendee data, attendee type. QR code capable.


48cm long, 20mm wide. Durable Lobster Claw attachment - perfect Badge fit. Customizable with logo, front and back colour.

Arrangement & Shipping

Badge and Lanyard put together. Alphbetically arranged for your convenience. Shipping cost included (currently Europe only).


$ 3.99 per set

Badge with Lanyard

    Badge beautiful PCV-like, 450g paper, print on both sides

    Lanyard 40cm, 20mm, brand colours with your logo

    Alphbetically arranged for your convenience

    Shipping cost included (currently Europe only)

How it works

1. Create Order

Use our order form to define colours, graphics and content for your Badges and Lanyards.

2. We prepare your badges and lanyards

Once we receive the payment and validate order data, we start preparing the badges and the lanyards.

3. We ship the package

It may take up to 14 days for your package to be ready for you. Please keep that in mind when placing your order.