Events for tech people done right

Discover tech events

Eventil for organizers


Start a group

Engage with the tech community by starting a group around a specific technology.

Build audience

Create synergies in your local tech community.

Animate the community

Help people of similar interests meet together to exchange knowledge and experiences.


Create events

Create and manage multiple events with dedicated pages.

Handle « Call for Papers »

Manage talk submissions and announce them on the event page using integrated « Call For Papers » process.

Vote for talks

Enable community voting on talk submissions to efficiently and transparently select them for your next event.

Integrate social media tools

Increase attendance with personalized emails and popular social media tools such as Twitter or Facebook.

Approach sponsors

Seek funding and support for your events from sponsors that fit your group profile.

Discover speakers

Find experienced speakers that match your event topic and get notified about their availability and travel schedule.


RVSP & Registration

Create customized registration form directly integrated into your event page.

Sell tickets

Sell tickets with probably the lowest 1% fee on the market. ;)

Ticketing tools

Specify different types of tickets, generate discount codes and produce barcodes on your tickets.

Pricing for organizers


while in beta

after that €2.59
per group monthly
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited organizers
  • Unlimited events


for free events
per ticket
on top of Stripe fee
  • Ticketing platform
  • Built in « Call For Papers » process
  • Tools to boost your sales
  • Insights & Analytics

Eventil for attendees

Find groups and events

Discover events that match your interests and join groups of likeminded people.

Meet people

Socialize with people sharing similar interestes and exchange your tech knowledge.

Manage your attendance

Never miss any event happening near you or while you travel abroad.

Eventil for speakers

Submit talk proposals to events

Submit talk proposals to selected events and get notified about their acceptance status.

Build your speaker profile

Collect your speaking appearances in a single place to increase your tech expertise visibility.

Manage your availability

Manage speaking engagements requests from organisers of tech conferences & meetings around the world.


Target IT experts

Eventil matches your job offers only with relevant people. It's entirely oriented towards IT people and using our matching algorithms it greatly increases your recruiting conversion rate.

Source candidates through technical events

With Eventil we give tech recruiters an additional channel to supplement their recruiting funnel: an ability to source candidates through various technical events (tech conferences and meetups) around the world.

Job offers

for one job listing
  • 30 days of emission
  • Featured on Groups
  • Featured on Events
  • Tailored
  • Analytics

Frequently asked questions

How is this free?

Group management is free as long as we are in Beta. After that we will be charging 2.59 EUR for unlimited members and organizers. Users who created a group while in beta will get additional 6 months of free trial period. Tickets for free events will be always free.

Am I required to use Stripe?

All organizers are required to process payments using Stripe as long as it is a paid event. For free events there is no need to integrate with Stripe payment gateway anyway. We are thinking about adding additional payment gateways in the future. There are no definitive plans for that yet though.

I don't have Stripe, can I still use Eventil?

Yes. We will pass the payments through our account and invoice you directly through Eventil company in the same way as through Stripe i.e. weekly payouts. Free events are free and there is no need to integrate with Stripe.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card payments online. It's trusted by thousands from Fortune 500 companies to individuals and everything in between. Stripe ensures that you get your funds fast. Within 7 days of a ticket being sold, you'll have the money in your account.

When do I get paid?

With Stripe, you will receive your funds on a 7- day rolling basis (2-day in the US), as successful transactions are made.

What about credit card processing?

We use Stripe as our payment processor and they charge for processing payments online. All money transacted is between you and Stripe. Stripe's credit card fees are:
- 1.4% + €0.25 for European cards,
- 2.9% + €0.25 for non-European cards.

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